Center for Markets in Transition (CEMAT)


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Aalto University
School of Business
Center for Markets in Transition (CEMAT) 

Postal address:
P.O. Box 21230
FI-00076 AALTO

Visiting address:
Lapuankatu 2
FI-00100 Helsinki

Switchboard:  +358 9 47001

Tel     +358 40 353 8149
Fax    +358 9 470 38706
cemat [at] hse [dot] fi ( 
forename.surname [at] hse [dot] fi ( (staff)

Professor Riitta Kosonen is the Head of the Center


Saint Petersburg Office

Helsinki Center
Bolshaya Konushennaya 4-6-8 lit. A (Finland House)
191186 St. Petersburg

Tel. +7 812 603 22 28 (office)
Fax  +7 812 606 65 62 

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CEMAT Economic Prospects

Up-to-date reviews of the economic development of Russia and China from the perspective of Finnish enterprises (in Finnish).


The website provides research information on Russia for Finnish companies (in Finnish).

NDI - Northern Dimension Institute

NDI is an academic partner in the Northern Dimension (ND) structures. The NDI produces information, organizes workshops and conducts research relevant to the Northern Dimension.