Center for Markets in Transition (CEMAT)



CEMAT provides Master’s level courses at the Aalto University School of Business, the Master’s Program of the Finnish University Network for Russian and East European Studies, the Study Programme on Russian Economy and Society co-organised by the University of Joensuu and the Aalto University School of Business, and the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies.

CEMAT contributes to the development of teaching and education by preparing a collection of teaching cases of Finnish firms in Russia. Cases are produced with St. Petersburg State University, Graduate School of Management (GSOM).

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CEMAT Economic Prospects

Up-to-date reviews of the economic development of Russia and China from the perspective of Finnish enterprises (in Finnish).


The website provides research information on Russia for Finnish companies (in Finnish).

NDI - Northern Dimension Institute

NDI is an academic partner in the Northern Dimension (ND) structures. The NDI produces information, organizes workshops and conducts research relevant to the Northern Dimension.