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Finrusresearch - Tutkittua Venäjä-tietoa yrityksille (in Finnish) is provided by Working Group for Social Sciences under the Finnish-Russian Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (financed by the Academy of Finland) and it is maintained by Aalto University School of Business Center for Markets in Transition (CEMAT). The site's aim is to support exchange of information between Finnish universities and research institutes conducting research on Russia, and Finnish companies oriented towards the Russian market. This service is free for users.

Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) is an academic partner in the Northern Dimension structures. It was established in 2009. NDI builds a bridge between the academia, public sector and business actors. In this role, NDI aims to ensure that the decision makers have the necessary information and fulfils the information gaps when needed. To reach this aim, NDI generates information as well as disseminates and promotes information and expertise related to the Northern Dimension among the decision-makers and the civil society. NDI pools expertise primarily in the four priority sectors of the Northern Dimension Policy (i.e. transport and logistics, culture, public health and social well-being, and environment) as well as business and economy. NDI utilizes various concrete tools and activities to fulfil its role as a bridge builder. 

During 2013-2016, the NDI is coordinated in Finnish-Russian cooperation by Aalto University/CEMAT (Finland) as the lead coordinator, assisted by the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Russia) and St Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia). 

ND Newsflash gives a floor to ND actors and their stakeholders to raise their voice in topical issues close to their heart within the ND thematic focus areas. In the ND Newsflash a broad scope of viewpoints is presented ranging from ND Partnerships, ND Business Council, academic actors, policy makers and NGOs.

Our aim is to make ND Newsflash a lively platform for dialogue where not the state-of-the-art in ND problematics is presented but also various challenges, needs and best practices within the region are pointed out. Each issue will feature several writers who address their topics shortly, critically and constructively.

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