Center for Markets in Transition (CEMAT)


The research program of the CEMAT consists of academic and applied research that

  • Focuses on emerging market areas in Russia, Asia, the Baltic States and Latin America
  • Takes a Finnish firms’ viewpoint
  • Theoretically builds on the new institutionalism
  • Examines processes on macro-, meso- and micro-economic levels
  • Adds a comparative viewpoint to specialized country studies

Our research on emerging market areas in Russia, the Baltic States, Asia and Latin America approaches

Macro-level processes:  Economic reform
                                           Business and investment climate
                                           Foreign direct investment and trade flows
                                           Regional economic integration

Meso-level processes:   Regional internationalization patterns of Finnish industries
                                           Industry-level transformation
                                           Regional and local socio-economic trends
                                           Cross-border regions and twin cities

Micro-level processes:   Foreign entry strategies
                                           Management of East-West collaborative ventures
                                           Human resource management in foreign operations
                                           Foreign control in international subcontracting


The academic research program of the CEMAT comprises

  • Research projects conducted jointly by the CEMAT researchers, often in collaboration with Finnish and  international partners
  • Doctoral and post-doctoral research
  • In-depth studies focusing on selected countries and markets, and comparative studies examining a selected research problem in multiple empirical settings

The CEMAT provides both tailored research projects and ongoing monitoring of the economic development on the target regions. Our customers are both private and public sector actors such as ministries.

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CEMAT Economic Prospects

Up-to-date reviews of the economic development of Russia and China from the perspective of Finnish enterprises (in Finnish).


The website provides research information on Russia for Finnish companies (in Finnish).

NDI - Northern Dimension Institute

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